Bernadette Khoury JP

Company Secretary & Public Officer 

Bernadette Khoury JP has been serving as an Executive Director with Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry(ALCCI) since 2016, and currently holds the office of Public Officer/Company Secretary. Bernadette is also the CEO of the Business Women’s Group which is a branch of the ALCCI.

Her valuable contributions to the Chamber, and the wider community, depict a true achiever because of her dynamic, enthusiastic and charismatic capabilities, in all aspects of the work she can produce. Bernadette has focussed on many projects that aim to enhance relationships and promote cohesion. Her extensive experience in public relations and communications extends on the innovative strategies she implements to generate positive responses in all projects which have earned Bernadette the recognition and receipt of many Federal, State and Local Government Awards.

Bernadette is articulate in all aspects of her professional and personal life and strives for excellence at every instance. As an advocate for equal rights, Bernadette promotes the importance that every person should be given a chance to have their say and the courtesy to be listened to.

Bernadette has attained qualifications in a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) a Master of English, a Diploma of Public Relations, a Diploma of Communications, a Certificate for Grants and a Certificate for Communities.

Bernadette is appointed as a Justice of the Peace (JP) and is the Coordinator for the JP register on behalf of the Department of Justice at the Doncaster Police Station. Other vocational and honorary roles include:
• Chairperson Grange Hill at Genazzano FCJ College,
• Board member at Manningham City Council for the Access and Equity Board and Interfaith Network Group
• Various Victorian Maronite Church committees since 1972, and currently on the Stewardship Committee for the Maronites in the East
• Manningham Maronite Women’s Committee.