Gender Pay Equity Research re SMEs within the Financial Services, Arts, Health care and social services sectors

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On behalf of The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM and the Executive Directors, it is with great pleasure that the ALCCI is honoured to share with you information about research the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission is currently undertaking on Gender Pay Equity which may be of interest to all our members.

The research will examine industry-specific barriers to gender pay equity, focusing on small to medium-sized enterprises (with 50 or less employees) in Victoria from the Financial Services, Arts, Health care and Social Services sectors. The purpose of our research is to better understand the challenges facing SMEs in addressing pay inequity and to inform the development of sector-specific education and resources. This issue is particularly important in the post-COVID-19 economic landscape and the research will help understand current challenges for SMEs and how they can best be supported.

This research is being funded by Industrial Relations Victoria and is being completed on behalf of the Victorian Equal Workplaces Advisory Council.

As part of the research, we will shortly commence telephone interviews with owner/senior/HR managers as well as other employees within Victorian SMEs. This will include organisations such as wealth planning firms, accounting firms, mortgage brokers, superannuation funds, banks or other financial services, medical practices, communications, creative and marketing organisations and social services that are SMEs. Incentive payments will be provided to all participants for their time. All data will be de-identified and used only for the purpose of informing this research.
Any guidance or support that you might be able to provide in helping us reach Victorian SMEs within these sectors would be greatly appreciated and extremely beneficial.

Working with Industrial Relations Victoria, we’ll be facilitating telephone interviews with SMEs in June and July 2020.
Please register your interest to participate in this important research by emailing your name, contact details, sector that you work in and role to :
All data collected will be confidential and de-identified.
For any questions, please contact Rohini Thomas, Project Manager on 0427 199 127 or

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