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Teeth on Wheels, Australia’s largest provider of Mobile Dental Services to schools, is proudly supporting the Australian Government and the Australian Lebanese Community’s efforts following the recent devastating explosion in Beirut.

Teeth on Wheels’ founders, Joseph (Jawad) and Rami Abou-Zeid with the help of their families will support the substantial humanitarian relief efforts by donating our time, service and expertise and the use a fully equipped mobile dental clinics to the people of Lebanon with the generous support and partnership of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALCCI), the International College of Dentists (ICD) and the Lebanese Dental Association. This is a historical moment for an Australian Dental team of Lebanese heritage to embark on such a humanitarian mission

Our Mission is to provide urgent oral health care to those at the epicenter of the explosion along with those community members that have been deeply impacted by this tragic event. With many thousands of people directly affected in Beirut, the support of all communities across the world is much needed but also greatly appreciated by the Lebanese community.

The dental care is expected to commence in October through to December 2020 with a review to be completed to determine the program’s success and opportunities for further support and expansion.

We call upon the community to help support our efforts, and any financial contribution will be much appreciated to fund the shipment, consumables, equipment, personal protective equipment, and food for the volunteer workers on site.

To support, please follow the link

You can also keep track of the progress of this initiative via the Facebook and Instagram page “For The Sake Of Beirut” and




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Due to the catastrophic devastation in Lebanon, the ALCCI is supplying relief packages filled with nonperishable food, medical supplies and sanitation items to be sent to Lebanon. These items are packaged and sent from Australia as care packages to Lebanon. Money donated will be used to purchase supplies or if you wish you can provide supplies directly to the ALCCI. 

Donations via Direct Deposit:
Account Name: ALCCI
BSB No: 063 158 
Account Number: 1035 9986

Contact: for queries or to receive a receipt.  

Department of Home Affairs offers it Condolences to Lebanese Community

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Dear Consul,

I am pleased I had the opportunity to speak with you this morning Mr Zouky.

As mentioned by phone, the Department is aware of the incident that has occurred in Lebanon, and is seeing news unfold about the explosions in Beirut and the reports of fatalities and the many injuries.

I wanted to reach out and express sincere condolences with regard to this tragic event, and let you know that our thoughts are with you and the Lebanese community in Australia also.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any concerns among the Lebanese-Australian community of Tasmania, or I can be of any assistance.

Kind regards,

Judy Lazaro

Community Liaison Officer | Tasmania

Community Engagement Section VIC-TAS

Social Cohesion Division

Department of Home Affairs

‘Beirut looks like Hiroshima today’: Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Lebanon in Tasmania

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‘Beirut looks like Hiroshima today’: Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Lebanon in Tasmania

Faddy Zouky is working with Tasmanian families to contact loved ones in Beirut, as the death toll rises and hospitals are overloaded.

Duration: 5min 48sec
Broadcast: Wed 5 Aug 2020, 8:30am


Lebanese Government Charge Payable Before Travel

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Effective 1 July 2020, there will be a mandatory COVID-19 medical test required for all passengers upon their arrival to Beirut (BEY), at a cost of USD 50 per passenger. Passengers must remain in self-isolation in Lebanon until their results are released, which will be within 24 hours of arrival

  • Passengers arriving from a non-PCR country will be subjected to a second PCR test 72 hours after their arrival through a Lab designated by the Ministry of Public Health medical team at the airport. The cost of the test is to be paid directly to the designated lab
  • All passengers must fill a health declaration form issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Public before arrival to Lebanon, available on the following link: COVID19 MOPH Pass A printed copy of the completed form must be presented to the Health Ministry desk upon arrival.
  • Cost of PCR test to be collected is USD50 (instead of USD 100) per passengers, excluding children under the age of 12 years.
  • All children below 12 years are now exempted from the PCR testing.

The medical test fee needs to be collected from passengers in advance and tickets MUST be exchanged/reissued to collect the additional amount of USD 50 (or equivalent in local currency) as YR tax.

PCR test fee charges/Existing issued EMDs/Newly issued tickets:

Effective travel from 05th July 2020 onwards, operating airlines are required to collect USD50 the cost of the PCR test from individual passenger except children under twelve years of age.

Existing issued EMDs: EMDs that were issued good for travel 5th July 2020 and beyond, the partial refund process of USD50 should be done as normal through BSP link.

Newly issued tickets: Effective 6th July 2020, the fee of USD50 will reflect as YR tax. Please note EMD is not to be issued for the PCR test fee.

Please be informed that passengers who have not paid this fee, for tickets that were issued prior to 6th July 2020, will have to pay at the airport check-in counter.

GDS have been updated to quote additional YR tax amount for fully unutilised itineraries.  EMDs can no longer be issued for collection of the test fee.

We thank you for your continued support and if you require any further assistance please contact our Australian based Emirates Trade Support team by email or by phone on 1300 880 599.

Yours Sincerely,

Emirates Australia.

Lebanon Wheat Appeal

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Lebanon Wheat Appeal 🇱🇧 Given the deteriorating social and economic situation in Lebanon, The Maronite Eparchy of Australia along with the Maronite organisations, Maronites on Mission have launched the Lebanon Wheat Appeal to support farmers in Lebanon. The appeal aims to buy and send free grain to farmers. $50AUD can provide a farmer with 50kg of grain which can produce over 1 tonne of wheat when harvested. This initiative contributes to food security and the provision of bread and other wheat products sufficient for a family for over one year. Donations can be made by visiting We thank you for your contribution. Any donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible through Maronites on Mission.

Bing Crosby Road to Lebanon

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Bing Crosby sings the title song for the eighth Road movie, this one done on television and with Danny Thomas instead of Bob Hope. From Danny Thomas’s 20/4/66 special