Business Women’s Group

Promote Australian Lebanese Business Women, provide a networking profile, engage with other Women’s Groups, promote bilateral trade

Promote business women, be a platform for networking, engage with other women’s groups, promote bi-lateral trade between Australia and beyond,

The BWG  major purposes are:

  1. Provide a networking for all business women and their associates.
  2. Promote business links for women in Australia and other parts of the world and actually promote Australian Lebanese Business Women.
  3. Engage with other Women’s Groups both in Australia and overseas.
  4. Expand Australian Lebanese women’s leadership and participation, particularly through formal institutions.
  5. Provide and promote bi lateral trade between Australia, Lebanon and other parts of the world for business women
  6. Nominate Australian Lebanese   women for appropriate awards within Australia including Government, local and wider communities and also thru the Lebanese Government, local and wider communities.


  • Each year the BWG aims focus on different topics and areas of interest.
  • 2016 The main aim was to focus on an awareness of our Group.
  •  Also focused on Business in Arts v& Culture
  • 2017 the main aim was Business in Fashion
  • 2018 the main aim will be focused on Business with Education

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