President and CEO Message 2020

alcci President's Message

The year 2020 has only just begun, and the world has already suffered many set backs due to many natural disasters, tragedies, deaths, regional conflicts have wreaked havoc in Australia and the rest of the Globe being wildfires, floods, and earthquakes in those places and now Corona Virus – 19.

On Jan. 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency over the spreading of coronavirus. In the face of the new deadly coronavirus, many countries have ramped up defences against the contagion, sealing borders, shutting public places and entire cities and countries going into Lockdown. I am extremely thankful to our Australia Federal Government and all State Governments who have definitely supported the real economic stimulus to help small business through these very difficult and testing times ahead. It is vital that we all support our local economy and all local and small business in order to assist both the local and wider economy.

Bushfires, unprecedented for Australia in terms of duration and intensity, have killed 33 people and an estimated 1 billion native animals, while 2,500 homes and a wilderness area the size of Greece have been destroyed. The crisis engulfing the country was called “an ecological disaster” that threatens several species, including koalas and rock wallabies. Images of burned kangaroos, koalas and possums, along with footage of people risking their lives to save native animals, have gone viral around the world. Continued hot weather, relieved only rarely by periods of light rain in the affected areas, deepened the crisis.

I can assure all the ALCCI is confident that it will remain stringent in lobbying both governments federal and state levels to ease economic burdens on business and families at large.

Again the ALCCI will also lobby the Lebanese government to ease economic burdens on business and families at large.

I am hopeful that with a strong, resilient business community; a very positive and successful 2020 will eventuate.

I am deeply indebted to Dr Salim Sfeir, Honorary Chairperson of the ALCCI and our Partner.  Also would like to thank Bank of Beirut and Bank of Sydney for their outstanding support and contribution to the sustainability of the Chamber.  And in addition to that, I want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers who have given their time and resources to support the ALCCI.  I would also take this opportunity to thank the Executive Board, The Board of Directors and the Board Members, The Business Women’s Group and The Young Entrepreneurs for their continuous hard work and commitment; I am deeply grateful.

The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM


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