Trade Missions

The Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce & Industry introduced its first Trade mission to Lebanon in 2012. This was an international trip by government officials and business people that was organized by agencies of national or provincial governments for purpose of exploring international business opportunities and to further enhance bilateral trade between Australia, Lebanon and beyond. Those Business people who attend the trade mission are typically introduced both to important business contacts and to well-placed government officials. A trade mission is a way in which countries or organizations can seek out potential buyers and sellers. In short, trade mission is a trip that is designed to transport business executives into a foreign business environment to achieve International business relationship.

Trade Missions promote the exports, encourage companies to startup and expand, link cooperative agreements on agriculture and education, tour facilities, and met with executives of major companies operating in Australia, Lebanon and beyond.

Trade promotion and export advocacy are such routine gubernatorial duties these days that they barely merit a mention in the news. But not so long ago, the idea the ALCCI should play a role in cultivating international business development struck many delegates.

It wasn’t exactly an easy concept, well before the terms “globalization” and “global economy” became household words and an economic reality for the planet’s 7 billion inhabitants. Such dealings were the province of corporate monoliths and hence the ALCCI commenced these Trade Missions with these major purposes.

Mr Faddy Zouky OAM President & Chairperson of the ALCCI was convinced that in order for Australian and Lebanese companies to achieve long-term growth, create more jobs and generate more wealth, they had to find new customers. And those customers were in foreign markets. He’d seen the potential firsthand when he was involved in international trade. And he was determined to open the eyes of Australian and Lebanese to the opportunities and open doors to those promising markets.

He established the ALCCI Trade Mission to help companies statewide explore export options. He led delegations to more than a dozen countries (including Lebanon, Asia, USA, The Middle East and The Gulf Region), promoting Australia’s industries (and the brainpower behind them), its academic institutions, and the opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and investment.

Due to the overwhelming success of these Trade Missions, they have now become an annual business event on the ALCCI calendar.